An October like never before! News with Fish and MORE with FREE VIDEOS inside, here and now!


Last December when I was launching the site, our home, LEONS.TV, I got lots of congratulations and good wishes, some surprises, support and mostly positive comments..

..but one person wrote me that it would be very hard for me to find any members and also keeping up the site as it would need much content + many other aspects and the big sites or companies even do 2-3 updates in a month, maybe even less. One other person commented under a video, that this site was doomed and could not be online more than 2-3 months.. like in January.

One other canceled his membership in February by telling me about he would watch if I could do the updates properly and then consider joining again..

Today, the first day of October.

LEONS.TV is growing..


We improve, we get strength, we grow together.

I´m contact with many Studios for many NEW and ADDITIONAL Bonus Stuff. I don´t want to interrupt the surprises but one is for example:

We have some interesting partnerships, started with individuals and small companies, like Damien:

and or King of Mallorca site..

We will have some great news starting in a few days already about many fantastic surprises.


We start the month with a request from Marc (Marc V, thank you Marc!)..

He followed TWERK.TV and bought a few clips already from the Clips4Sale site of TWERK.TV and then found LEONS, here and kindly gave me feedback many times and in between told me about Lucie and especially Antonia, if there would be some other clips with them (with many more things we wrote each other in the last days, THANKS again, M!)

I sat and have done an exclusive clip for especially him with FULL NUDITY, for the first time, not only with Antonia, but also with Jane and Veronika and Angel P!

I hope we will all like it.

It took for me 4 full days to prepare all, along with this post, here, with all the renders and uploads around but in the end I guess we have some special and unique video along with of course never before seen EXCLUSIVE footage direct from 4K dual manual cameras from the day.

Much more is on the way, as always, gentlemen.

I thank you for your care, being here, following LEONS, following me, writing me, or whatever we do, together, for all.

A Mini Free Version of the Clip was published some time ago but then deleted with all others on that social media – 19 MINUTES (including a few minutes of my comments about the last days):

“Hard” and normal version is surely here on LEONS.TV as Exclusive, along with ALL NUDITY and FULL LENGTH over 40 Minutes from Dual 4K Cameras and so on.. (without also my comments.. Direct clip for sure as usual):

BREAK LEONS.TV! NOW: 4 of the MOST LOVED, MOST WANTED Leon´s Girls FULLY NAKED (and there *is* MORE! as always)

and.. well.. I thank you very much and let´s continue ROCKING!


Your Leon

and for sure our beloved and only LEONS.TV