Is it a micro bikini? Or just some fancy panties?? The kitchen is the heart of the home.. (4K, Full HD and 720p) – The first TWERK.TV Video Exclusive, Here!

Perfect face, perfect body with perfect tits, ass and dancing in that pink ultra mini skirt..

As promised, here we start with the first TWERK.TV Exclusive Video, “The kitchen is the heart of the home..” in all 4K, Full HD and 720p formats, here, on LEONS.TV

Nichole will make you cum.. slowly.. and then fast..
Nichole will make you cum.. with her sensual dances.. slowly.. and then fast..

Is it a micro bikini? Or just some fancy panties which are very small to hide that pussy and ass there?

All TWERK.TV Videos will be added here, one by one, for your convenience (like all other Leon Lambert Site works while other Exclusive and Never Before Seen video are being added, as EXTRAS!)

It all starts with a white dress, bending over, in front of the refrigerator door..

If you wonder if a man`s wish can be in detail so much to make some amazing clip like this, you should see it..

50 FPS, 10000 kbps.. Rendered from Zero, Leon Lambert`s Director`s Cut.

TWERK.TV Video, The kitchen dance
TWERK.TV Video, The kitchen dance is inside, in 4K, FHD and HD

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