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8 March 2019, Rotterdam, Netherlands

an open letter to anyone who would find it interesting

As a member of LEONS.TV you are getting access to all Leon Lambert works:

Never before seen, exclusive and with all production, all clips from all Leon Sites, new ones, big ones, very special, even the future ones, once and in one place.

All Leon Lambert Works and Leon Lambert Sites, clips, everything about Leon Lambert and his porn production
All Leon Lambert Works and Leon Lambert Sites, clips, everything about Leon Lambert and his porn production

ALL – includes plenty of “side” works and projects, too, like:

Leon`s Angels from Leon Lambert
Leon`s Angels from Leon Lambert

and / or many others like:

Game of Cums, surely an interesting concept.
Game of Cums, surely an interesting concept.

For the last 3.5 full years, I put lots of time, efforts, and money in this.

Epic works, what Leon Lambert does
Epic works, what Leon Lambert does

When I say “lots of”, I really mean it.

What you see here is,

except Extra RWG DVD´s (BONUS CONTENT) and Guest Photo Galleries (like Macarena´s One) is absolute and solid, my own work.

Exclusive. Only for you..

Legendary, Leon Lambert, LEONS.TV
Legendary, Leon Lambert, LEONS.TV

Lately, finally, NOW, with you.

With my bare hands, from my pocket, almost all alone with everything.

From organizing the staff, people, all those travels / trips, post production, delivery, hosting all, keeping all clean, legal, serving on time, fast, and keep the updates with fresh content, write these here.

All is time.

Efforts. Sweat. Money.

Blink of an eye..
More than blink of an eye..

Also, naturally, not all went and / or goes smoothly, quickly, as seen or sounded, always.

The whole thing is related with people and as you see I work with 5-6 people sometimes in front of the camera, and back 3-4 extra cameramen, at least 5-6 fixed cams per scene, many different clothes, costumes, photographers, make up artists and many, plenty of variables this whole thing involved.

Very little of these can be seen in clips..

Sometimes even just being there needs sleepless nights of drives, and or many different “arrangements” all the way there..

..and the road becomes my bride..
..and the road becomes my bride..

Very much is behind..

beyond what´s being seen..
beyond what´s being seen..

This is intensive, hard and really a huge work.

All those shootings, arrangements, everything I would not list here had and has a cost, starting from my time to many different things which make a very long list of expenses.

In just last 3 Years, over 150 girls, 50+ different days of shootings in plenty of different places, with plenty of different people.

Sometimes with 15+ cameras, sometimes even with VR Stuff, and many times with 2-3 even 4 cars, different transportation, cities, countries, and or many different type of meetings, lunchs, dinners, before, during and after work days, sometimes without any breakfast, lunch and or dinner at all.

It´s not about the party. It´s not my hobby.

I put myself in it. Intensively, totally. Thoroughly.

It took my 3 full years to open up this site (Grand Opening was on 16th December 2018, being online was 30 November and finishing all back testing and accepting the first member was 17 December).

I give it maximum importance and I take care anything and everything related with it by myself, very carefully.

It´s not a fun time la-la-land for me.

It´s a serious business.

Some clips I publish on Clips4Sale and Many on ManyVids but this is our home, this is the main center and I give the most importance here. So that, I try to make here Exclusive and there are already many exclusive and never before seen, never will be published anywhere clips and picture sets and more surprises are around, ONLY HERE and will be HERE, more and more stuff in time.

By your being a member and staying as a member:

You do have the best.. your taste, your own individuality, here.

You are making all this possible. Not for PR, no marketing gimmick, no slogan, no tagline: Really.

You are doing this:

1 by 1, every cent you pay goes (after all cuts because of processor fees first, and rollovers, chargebacks, many other non-seen costs like bank transfer fees, bank exchange fees, all other costs related with it) in, back to LEONS.TV, directly. NOWHERE ELSE (except taxes and sometimes I eat a burger or drink a coffee from you, but it´s yet, indeed, none near to that point, we are trying to pay in fact what I had already done in the first 3 full years and we are not even close to it..)

You have always right to change the course: Contribute in all. Choose the clothes, demand the girl you want in the future clips, etc etc etc.. You know this story:

  • We are in touch.

  • We are live here. I´m here every single day. I check all, I add something new, I try to add more value here and we gain new members, new power, new communication options and to be on the same page with the similar taste owners, us.

  • There are loyalty discounts after third month of membership

  • For example, outside, this DVD is 179 USD is in DVD shops or on ManyVids, you may get it with some discounts, but still over 125 USD for sure. Here, is free for LEONS.TV members.. or this clip,  is 39.99 USD individually.. Like this one, again 39.99 USD, or this one, , the same.. This,  49.99 and has no discounts, ever (and ever will be)..

  • I want with a very small flat fee, like a pizza or a coffee price, every and each one of us, be here, contribute, join with ideas, be in the creation and use / benefit / access what I have, what we do: ALL, everything, always. ALL MY WORKS. Under 1 Roof, here, for all of us, first, foremost, immediately available in all formats and much more exclusive stuff, never before seen + never will be published anywhere else, ever.

Speaking of prices, as an example, this lingerie set (from Palmers, see-through dress is NOT included) was 269 Euro and worn only once, on this day, by Daisy (at right) for that time of shooting.

Bracli Pearl Thongs, Lingerie, Sexy Accessories, Pearl Tangas
Bracli Pearl Thongs, Lingerie, Sexy Accessories, Pearl Tangas

These are Bracli Pearl Thongs. I paid them in 3 times, 3 deliveries in different times, one was over 1300 Euro, other was 1100 and the last one was around 400 Euro..

Keeping them, serving them on time, cleaning them, and plenty of times I give them as presents for sure, all in the end costs, in fact, if you take it in a business review..

I shop for all clothes, by myself. I go, check, buy, from stockings to lingerie, not only thongs but to the pyjamas and t-shirts, and dresses.. You do the math..

Like these, yes, all, but from t-shirts to dresses, from caps they wear, to mostly anything, I buy. I go, I shop, I pay and I bring them to the girls on specific days. From those transparent leggings and whatever you see, on any video, was paid by me, from my pocket.

Not only the presents I give (they include jewellery sometimes, not only chocolate or flowers and I give them not for the business but being there or just being kind / myself needs to do it),

all legal expenses, locations, staff, hardware, cameras, statives, any device, any tool, any clothing, lingerie, accessories, washing them, making them ready, any phones even (many times), all side expenses, dinners, travels, while traveling all risks, staying alone all those places, days and nights, and many, plenty of things, in winter and summer.

It´s not that I have a camera on my hand and on the street say hi to any girl and she accepts immediately what I say and we do the shopping.

If you see only a few of my clips, my production, my work, you would see the difference immediately.



WITH YOU, FOR YOU.. should be like that!

I want to keep all prices affordable for everyone and not touching our any other budget. Like from student brothers to all of us, it doesn´t matter if we are the owner of Empire State, I want to keep the price fixed, minimum, if possible less than minimum (which is the current situation. For all these costs, if you also calculate the marketing + from hosting to all side costs, the revenue is not even close to meet a satisfactory point.. at all.. but I believe in time we will do better, together.. in all.)

As I said above with a few examples, normally, outside LEONS.TV you would highly probably see my clips like from 14.99 to 79.99 per clip, mostly like 30-40 USD per clip (each and individual clips) All is here, only for a very very VERY low monthly fee as you know..



Rebilling Periods Amounts Discount #
1 – 2 $19.95 at the end of each period
3 – 4 $17.95 at the end of each period 1
5 – 6 $15.95 at the end of each period 2
7 – end of Subscription $13.95 at the end of each period 3

As you stay a member, not only you get all FREE, unlimited all access style, but also loyalty discounts in a very short time and your membership renew fee will go lower and lower quickly..

I´m really glad that we are really “alive”, live, here.

I try my best as you know already for all and nothing, but nothing is easy or seems as it is.

So, your support, being a member on this site is very, but EXTREMELY important.

Thank you once more and let´s make it better, all, everything, improve, enjoy, try to live and experience, all, in our way, more and MORE,


Nobody told me that it would be easy. Indeed, nobody told me to do it, already. I started to create what I wish already there. Now, as you read this, I´m not alone on it, in it. We are doing this, together. With your support, ideas, suggestions, appreciation and of course being a member here, I´m on my way to reach more goals to win this battle; This is a war between David and Goliath.

I have many things to do, never done, never tried and it will be really very interesting and fun.


This is only the beginning.

Now, you are making this possible, you shape the things directly and transparently here by your being a member and with your support. All affects each other.

We are not getting 10´s or 100´s of thousands visitors, in December it was like 4K, in January 7.8K visitors.. LEONS was on Global Rank, Worldwide at 803,464th and in Country Rank (United States) was at 402,560th place. So, is NOTHING for a site, a concept, a business and or a project like this: NOTHING. It´s only the beginning BUT still, shows your importance once more: all and each member´s support, individually, one by one;

being a member and staying as a member is CRUCIAL.

Be a member, stay as a member. If possible give some feedback when you have a minute or so, and if you want to go further, write me. I´m open almost all ideas. Almost always.

We are, together, on our way, one step at a time.

Your Leon


Owner and Founder of LEONS.TV, for you, for us.

Keep in touch, stay strong, stay with me.

JOIN LEONS.TV HERE, NOW. Not because we live this life (as far as we know) once, but it will worth it and you will not be disappointed. Never. I promise.

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