Happy Halloween 🙂

Here´s my small surprise and a bit like a Halloween Treat for all of us, a BONUS Video (in fact it´s a big one, like over 40 minutes) to share freely for my Cocoscope Followers, Friends, Adopters 🙂

To make this Halloween a little bit more like ours..

As in this video:


I mentioned, the October would be “more” and we had “more” and we will always have more!

By the way I put this here as I couldn´t (also wouldn´t) share this on Cocoscope for many reasons (like one of the reasons is “hardcore” stuff is not allowed there).

Anyways, before too many words, let´s enjoy the visuals, shall we?

This is a present for you if you would accept for celebrating Halloween together.

Watch in HD Ready (720p*)

* You can download the Full HD Version below, if you would like to

Download this Clip in Full HD: 3 for Halloween

Although it was and is not intended to advertise my Official Site, LEONS.TV, still if you would like to check what´s up, while you´re here you can check the latest updates or join the site already if you´re not a member to enjoy all from me..

Thank you and .. HAPPY HALLOWEEN 🙂

Your Leon